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Here in the Nampa area of Idaho, we have made a name for ourselves over the last 70 years as the heating and air company you can trust. We have consistently and constantly put the needs of our community first by providing the best heating and air installation in the area. We have built our business in this area, and we will continue to provide for our customers, who we consider family, for at least another 70 years.

A/C installation

Are you looking to replace your A/C Unit?


If you are building a new home, one of the significant projects you will need to consider is your air conditioning. You do not want to be moved into your new home when you realize that your air conditioner is not operating how you expected. Here at Owyhee Heating and Air Conditioning, we strive for excellence at every point of your air conditioning installation. From the sizing of your air conditioner to the sizing of your ductwork, we do not let any detail go unnoticed.

What about replacing.


In 2010 the most common refrigerant, R22, was replaced by a new refrigerant, R410A. This new refrigerant is much safer for the atmosphere and has wholly replaced R22. This means that no more equipment is being produced that uses the R22. If you have a unit over ten years old, it will most likely use the older refrigerant. If that is so, when the time comes that your air conditioner has given up, you will also have to replace your coil or entire indoor unit.

Allow our experts to size your system.


With the help of calculations, our experts can figure out precisely what size of system your home will need. With this information, they will be able to size your air conditioning system and your ductwork and see how much air each room will need to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Installing the system


Depending on your situation, the installation may be a rapid process or take time. The main components of an installation will be.

  • Outdoor unit
  • Line set (the copper lines)
  • Indoor unit
  • Coil (if paired with a gas furnace)
  • Thermostat/ thermostat wire
  • Power wire
  • Drain
  • Duct system

If you are building a home, then our heating and air conditioning installation experts will have to plan, design, and execute each of these steps. If your home is a home that you are replacing the unit in or has not had a system in a long time, then some of these things may not be necessary, which will depend on what is still there and what type of shape it is in.

Why you should choose us


Whenever our installation experts perform an installation, they ensure that they serve to our very high standards. At the end of the job, you can expect that we will have left the job free of all of our debris and that your unit is working to perfection. We treat every one of our air conditioner installations like a priority, not just another job. Because every one of our installs belongs to one of our customers, who we believe are like family to us. Here are some other reasons you should choose us for your air conditioning installation.

  • We have been in business for over 70 years. This means that we have had a lot of experience installing air conditioners.
  • We will handle all of the necessary required permits to complete your job. That means you will have one less thing to worry about as we have already taken care of it.
  • We take pride in offering exceptional work at affordable pricing. We never want to overcharge our customers. We only want to deliver over.
  • We make sure that you are always taken care of with exceptional customer service. Having built this business with hometown roots, we always want to ensure that we take care of our customers and show them that we appreciate their business.

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