Air Conditioning Repair

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Air Conditioning Repair

Signs that your air conditioner needs repair


Your air conditioner is a vitally important part of your everyday life. Especially if you are an older adult or have very young children in the home, you will need to be aware of and watch out for these symptoms of an air conditioner needing repair.

  • If you have less airflow than normal
  • If the airflow is warm
  • There is unexplained moisture around the grilles
  • Strange noises
  • Your energy bill is suddenly higher than normal
  • Anything else that seems unusual
  • There is a room or rooms that are different temperatures than the rest of the home
  • If you notice that there is a white fog in the room that houses your indoor unit, or you notice a white spray coming from one of the copper lines, or you hear a hissing sound, then this could be a sign of a refrigerant leak and will need to be addressed

What if you have an AC emergency


We offer 24-hour emergency service to ensure that our customers never forget about it. If your air conditioner quits in the middle of the night and you have had surgery, are an older adult, or have small children who can’t sleep, we will be happy to come and perform an emergency repair on your home.

Should you continue to repair your air conditioner


Most HVAC equipment will have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. This means that if your unit is over ten years old, you may want to start considering the purchase of a new air conditioner. However, most air conditioning problems can be repaired. As air conditioners make up the bulk of our business, we carry an extensive array of the parts needed to fix your air conditioners on our service vehicles.

But, sometimes, the problem will cost more to fix than is feasible to repair. For example, if your compressor develops a short, then it may make more sense to purchase a new unit with a new warranty when compared to buying a new compressor, refrigerant, and labor to install it with a very short warranty.

Why you need to have regular maintenance performed


Performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner will allow it to live a longer life and maintain its performance efficiency. Regular maintenance will have many benefits to your air conditioner and your wallet.

  • Longer lifespan of the system
  • Lower utility bills
  • Improve the air quality of your home
  • Have peace of mind that your unit will continue working properly

When we perform your regular maintenance, we will inspect your air conditioner from one end to the other, ensuring that your refrigerant levels are correct, your coil is clean, and your airflow is proper. We want to make sure that your air conditioner is in top-notch condition to be able to tackle this summer for you.

Why you should choose us to perform your air conditioning repairs


We are a locally owned business that has been here in the Nampa, Idaho area for over 70 years. We are committed to our community and will always do our best to ensure that our customers are treated like family and can stay cool this summer.

  • If any permits are needed, we will handle the paperwork, ensuring that you have to enjoy the cool air when we are finished.
  • You will always be able to expect an exceptional quality of work at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on being affordable for all of our customers.
  • We attempt to maintain an outstanding level of customer service. This ensures that we say we are there for our customers and that we prove it as well.

Let a A/C Repair Professional Help You


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