Water Softener System Repair

When you’re looking at your water heater system, the best way to ensure that every aspect is taken care of and working smoothly should be on top priority.

Whether you have a tankless water heater, residential water heater, or commercial water heater and live in the Nampa, Idaho region, we are here to service your water heater. Our highly skilled and experienced service technicians are experts at what they do and will be able to solve your water heater issues in no time.

Water Heater Flush

What are typical water heater problems?


There could be a very large list compiled of common water heater problems. This is because there are so many different brands and styles of water heaters. We will list a handful of the most common universal water heater issues that you may see.

  • You don’t have enough hot water
  • The water isn’t heating up, and you are left to take a cold shower
  • If you begin to hear strange noises or smells then you should call us for a service
  • If you have noticed your utility bill rising, then this could be a possibility as to why it is increasing
  • Low water pressure could be a sign that there is something wrong with your water heater
  • Inconsistent water temperatures can mean there is an issue
  • Dirty water is another indication that you need to give us a call so we can inspect and service your water heater

Performing water heater maintenance


If you want your water heater maintained and maintained well, you need to give us a call. Our service techs will arrive quickly, diagnose the problem, fix it, and ensure that you will be able to take a nice hot shower.

Our service technicians have decades of experience working on water heaters. Whatever issue you may be having with your water heater, our experienced service techs will be bound to discover the problem and get it repaired for you quickly and efficiently.

Taking cold showers and washing your dishes with cold water is nobody’s idea of a good time. So when you’re having water heater troubles, make sure to give us a call so we can get your problem fixed right away.

Should you have a new water heater installed


Water heaters are expected to have had a life span of 6 to 13 years. As your water heater starts to get up into that age range, you may want to consider replacing it. Our experts in water heater installation and repair will be able to help you pick just the right size and style for your home. Whether that is a tankless, gas, propane, electric, or large gallon size water heater, our experts are here to serve you.

Maintain or Replace


When you call us to come and service your water heater, we will give you an honest opinion of your water heater. Our professionals will be able to inform you if it is a good idea to try and repair your water heater or if it is time to say goodbye and upgrade to a newer model. They will be able to let you know how well your water heater has been running and if you should upgrade to a larger model or a more efficient model.

Our technicians will generally recommend replacement once the water heater has aged over ten years or is beginning to show excessive wear and need for repairs. There is also the chance that there will have been a catastrophic failure that will demand a replacement.

You can discuss with our technician if a tankless water heater would be a good choice for your home. They will be able to save you significantly on your energy consumption costs, but the installation may be more costly than going back to a traditional water heater. You may also have to install a water softener alongside your new tankless water heater system for it to work appropriately.

When considering a tankless water heater, you will find gas and electric models. Both will come with pros and cons that you should be aware of. While the service technician is out diagnosing your current water heater, then you can ask them which model will be the best option for your home based on what your home has available.

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