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When should you use baseboard heat?


Baseboard heat was once much more popular than it is now. Even though heating your home is not as cost-efficient as some other options, there are plenty of times and places where baseboard heat continues to make sense.

Side rooms: If you have a sunroom, you could have a small heating system installed or look into using a baseboard heater. They are easy to install and are more efficient than they used to be.

Chilly spaces: Having cold spots in your home could be due to the inability to have ductwork reach that space, or it could be that the ducting was sized incorrectly. However, it can be pretty costly to have your ducting system redone. Installing a baseboard heater may be a quicker, cheaper, and more accessible option for solving your problem.

Zoned heating: This may work if you have a basement space that people only utilize occasionally. For example, if you have kids that have moved off to college but want to stay in the basement around holidays or special occasions. You could use an entire system to heat your basement or use baseboard heat to control the temperature in the rooms where they will be staying.

What are the of advantages baseboard heat?


Cost-effective: If you use baseboard, heat to warm areas used regularly. Or, if you use them to heat rooms occasionally when used, you can save money by not heating the entire home.

Easy installation: Baseboard heaters do not require any ductwork or excessive work. They are mounted near the floor to a wall, powered by an electrical wire, and connected to a thermostat. Then you are done, and you have heat.

Less maintenance: Baseboard heaters do not have many components involved, which means that keeping on them is minimal. This also allows them to last a very long time as there are fewer parts that can cause failure.

They are Quiet: Baseboard heaters use convection heating, which means the heater will put off heat but not move it. So the heat will slowly radiate through the room naturally. This will also mean that the unit will be tranquil as there is no blower fan or motor that can cause excessive noise.

Baseboard heaters are very effective at heating the air around them. Although it may not have a fan to push the air across the room, it will heat a room while they are running.

Should you repair your baseboard heaters

Baseboard heaters have very few components and should be easily repaired. However, they are also not very expensive to purchase when you need a new one, so depending on the repair cost, it may not be more cost-effective to repair your baseboard heat.

Should you replace your baseboard heaters

It will not be hard for it to make more sense to replace your baseboard heaters. They are not overly expensive to buy and are very easy to install. This means that the labor cost will not be high. Multiple small components could be replaced before going to the lengths of replacement, though that should be considered.

Should you install a baseboard heater

If you have cool spots in your home, no other heating source, but you don’t want to heat the whole house, or if you want only to heat specific spaces of your home, then baseboard heat is an entirely acceptable option.

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