Furnace installation and replacement

It eventually makes more sense to replace a heater instead of getting it repaired.

Sometimes furnaces begin to age to the point that they will have to be replaced. You can call us to perform a near-perfect replacement when that time comes. Or, if you need a brand-new install in your new construction home, we can help you take care of that. Here at Owyhee Heating and Air, we not only take pride in our work, but we take pride in our customers as well.

It is essential that our customers are always satisfied when our job is complete, so we make sure that all of our equipment is operating to our high standards, that the job site is clean, and that we are leaving you with a smile.

To help us guarantee that you will be getting exactly what we offer, we provide as much information upfront as possible. We do this through these things.

  • Competitive pricing is given to you upfront
  • Agreements are written out for easy understandability
  • Guarantees to our customers that our work and products will live up to their standards
Furnace Installation

Is it time to replace your furnace?


There will come a day in every furnace’s life where the cost and effort it takes to maintain it will no longer make sense. Some homeowners cannot wait for us to pull their furnace out of their home, and some homeowners shed a tear as they watch the furnace that kept them warm for so many years get wheeled away.

Whichever one you are, you can rest assured that your new furnace will be far more efficient and economical than your old one. The furnace industry is constantly moving towards being more environmentally friendly and economical. This means that we will be able to offer you furnace options with extremely high-efficiency ratings.

If your furnace is no longer working, you will not have much choice. But what are some other reasons besides failure that you may want to have your furnace replaced?

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old and has lived beyond its life expectancy
  • The need for repairs is becoming more frequent and more costly
  • The furnace is very noisy even after repairs have been made

What are the benefits of a new furnace?


The benefits of a new furnace stretch beyond just having a new unit’s reliability. A new furnace will be much safer and more efficient than your old one. Keep your family safe and your money where it belongs, in your pocket. Here are a few ways to benefit from having a new furnace installed.

  • New furnaces are much safer. They utilize a closed combustion chamber to keep any dangerous gasses from entering your home.
  • No more pilot lights. New furnaces utilize an electronic igniting system. You will not have to worry about lighting pilot lights whenever they go out or before you begin heating at the start of every fall season.
  • Lower maintenance costs. As your furnace gets older, it will inevitably cost you more in repairs. Things will begin to wear out, and that will cause you to spend more money on service costs.
  • Newer furnaces are commonly quieter than older furnaces. Especially the higher-rated furnaces that begin to utilize the variable speeds and electronic controls
  • The newest technology. It is no secret that HVAC technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years. When you purchase your new furnace, you will have many options for the latest technology. From entire HVAC systems that communicate to thermostats that learn your routines. The future is here, and it is in your HVAC equipment.

Which furnace should you choose?


If you are replacing your furnace with a new model, it will make sense most of the time to use the same fuel source that you previously had. That being said, it is common for natural gas to be cheaper than the other options.

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Electric
  • And oil

Many things will go into deciding which fuel source is suitable for you. Your floor plan, available fuel sources, and unit placement will all come into play. You can trust our team of HVAC professionals to help guide you through your decision.

Let us provide you with a furnace replacement options!


If you’re looking for a Furnace installation replacement option, call us, and will send out a comfort advisor to show you all your options.

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