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We offer propane heater installation and repairs. You can call us for any propane heater service repairs.

We know what it takes to install and repair propane heaters. That is one of the many reasons we have remained in business for the last 70 years. We are a locally owned company that has allowed its roots to grow deep within the community. We have always strived to make sure that we provide our customers with the best service possible, and we hope to continue doing so for another 70 years or more.

Propane heaters are a staple of the HVAC industry and our community. We train our service technicians to excel at propane heater repair and installation. We will always attempt to stay on top of the newest information to pass that knowledge and expertise on to our customers and ensure that they always have correctly working equipment when we leave the Jobsite.

Propane Heating gas Line

Should you have a propane heater installed?


There are many benefits to having propane instead of other heating sources.

Warm heat: Unlike heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps, the heat that a propane furnace puts out is well above our body temperature. This means that when you feel the heat coming from your heater, it will feel quite warm. A propane heater will usually heat in the 115 to 125-degree range.

No monthly gas bill: This is a plus and a negative for propane. You will not have to pay a monthly bill for electricity or natural gas, but that also means that you have to pay for your propane all at once. This is because all of your propane will sit in a tank on your property called a propane tank.

Propane heaters last longer: There have been claims made that propane heaters can last many years more than their competitors.

Propane is cleaner: Propane is supposed to be a cleaner-burning fuel than natural gas, and therefore it is better for the environment than other fuel-burning options.

Propane heaters are very versatile in where they can be installed. Because on a new install or a replacement where you are coming from an electric furnace or heat pump, you will be able to set the tank where you choose. So, you are not tied down to wherever the gas company has deemed it appropriate to place your gas line.

Being able to pick the location of your gas line can allow you to place your furnace where you would like with a short gas line. Compared to having a natural gas or oil system, you may have to plumb the fuel source from across the home.

Should you repair your propane heater?


If your furnace is not too old, you should have it repaired. Our expert and experienced service technicians are available for 24-hour service calls. This will guarantee that you will never have to worry about being left out in the cold while we can help you out.

If your unit is less than ten years old, it should still have plenty of life to justify fixing it instead of replacing it. Also, if it is less than ten years and you are the original purchaser of the unit, you can ask us if your equipment is still under warranty. Most modern furnaces will come with a ten-year warranty on the parts, saving you a ton of money on repairs.

Should you replace the furnace?


If your heater is beginning to show its age or it’s beginning to cost you too much on maintenance, you should consider replacing it. Most HVAC equipment has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, so if your equipment is in that range or older, you will also want to consider replacing it.

If you are going to replace your old equipment, you may want to upgrade with the new equipment. Newer furnaces come in efficiency ranges up to 96%. While your old heater may only be 80% efficient. This means that for every BTU of gas that passes through your heater, you will gain an extra 16% of the heat that is being output.

Let a Propane Heater Professional Help You


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