Furnace Tune-Up

Looking for higher efficiency from your furnace? Schedule for a Furnace Tune-Up that can save you up to 20% in energy savings!

When the fall season comes around, and you’re wondering if your furnace will fire up properly for another season, you need a furnace tune-up. Here at Owyhee Heating and Air Conditioning, we have served our community for over 70 years. We provide our friends, family, and the local community with the best heating and air service available.

You can trust us to prepare your furnace for the long winter months. Whether you want your trusted local HVAC contractor to fire your furnace for the first time of the year, or you are afraid that your unit isn’t working as well as it has in the past, you can call us. We will help ensure that your furnace doesn’t start giving you problems. Call us today and set up a furnace tune-up service call.

Furnace Tune-Up Inspection

Do you need a furnace tune-up?


There are many reasons you may need to get a furnace tune-up. You often begin thinking about a furnace tune-up when the furnace isn’t working correctly, but here is a list of some reasons why your furnace may be asking you to give it a tune-up.

  • If your furnace is cycling more than it usually does
  • Odd noises are coming from the unit or out of the vents
  • Your thermostat is malfunctioning
  • You are having higher than average heating bills
  • If your ignition system is beginning to have problems
  • Excessive maintenance calls

Benefits of regular furnace tune-ups


Having your furnace tuned up regularly will have many benefits to your system. With regular tune-ups, you will be able to fix minor issues before they become significant problems that affect the performance of your system.

  • Your furnace will have a longer service life when it operates correctly
  • Your system may experience increased efficiency once malfunctioning components have been replaced
  • There could be a reduction in the cost of running your furnace
  • Having heat exchanger inspections done will ensure that your heat exchanger is not damaged and that you are safe from carbon monoxide
  • Improving your indoor air quality
  • There will be less need for frequent repairs on your unit if adequately maintained.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians have all the right tools and components to ensure that your furnace will be ready to heat all winter long.

What should be checked during a furnace tune-up


The majority of problems with your furnace could be solved before they become a problem if you partake in proper and regular maintenance. We do a complete and thorough inspection every time we are called to perform a tune-up on your furnace. This gives us the ability to honestly and accurately describe to our customers exactly how their furnace operates and what they may need to do to keep it working in like-new condition.

  • We inspect all electrical connections to ensure there are no loose wires or arcing connectors
  • Clean, inspect, and, if necessary, we will, adjust the gas burners
  • Clean the burner chamber to ensure proper burning without restriction
  • Test the igniters operation and resistance to ensure continued proper operation
  • Check and change air filters to maintain proper airflow

When is a furnace tune-up not enough?


It will no longer make sense to keep repairing it at some point in your furnace’s life. This might be because the repair price is getting too costly, the main components of the furnace have failed, or maybe the furnace has lived well past its average life expectancy. Most HVAC equipment is not expected to last over 15 years. This means that your 16+-year-old furnace is living on borrowed time, and its parts are becoming obsolete and will be more complex and harder to find.

  • Frequent breakdowns are an excellent reason to consider a replacement over tune up
  • After your furnace reaches 10+ years old, it will begin to be increasingly important to consider changing out that furnace for a new one
  • Rust is a sure sign that your furnace is ready to retire. If you notice rust inside the heat exchanger, it could mean that you have a cracked heat exchanger or that it could break soon.
  • If your utility bills are increasing without an appropriate reason

Let us provide you with a Professional HVAC Tune-Up!


If you’re looking for a Furnace Tune-Up, call us to hire a skilled technician who can help provide quality service that will save time as well!

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