Air Conditioning Tune-Up and Maintenance

Looking for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up? We got you covered!

Here in the Nampa region of Idaho, you can expect to hear the name Owyhee Heating and Air Conditioning. We have built our business here for the last 70-plus years. This means that we have watched the ups and downs of the town and the heating and air industry, and we have fought to serve our customers throughout its entirety. We are here to stay and hopefully help our customers for another 70 years or more.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

The initial A/C inspection


Our professional technicians are experts in air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance. When our technicians arrive at your job, they will perform a full inspection of your air conditioner to determine what needs to be serviced and is still working correctly.

  • They will first run the system to check for any problems. They will listen to how the unit sounds, what the different components are doing, and how the system is reacting.
  • They will check the indoor and outdoor coil temperatures to ensure the coils are condensing and evaporating the refrigerant as they should be.
  • Test the drain line and the coil’s condensation abilities to ensure that the unit is draining properly and that the drain is flowing.
  • Replace the filter if needed. Dirty filters are the easiest and most common issues when an air conditioner is not working.
  • Clean the outdoor coil, the indoor coil, and the drain line.

What are the signs that you may need more than maintenance?


Your unit can do many different things to let you know that it needs repair. Your unit not working is a pretty broad statement as to what could be happening, and if you have a general idea, you may be able to help the service technician that shows up at your home diagnose the problem slightly faster.

  • If your unit is blowing warm air
  • Or if it is blowing far less air than normal
  • There is moisture starting to gather around the vents and the grilles that cannot be explained
  • If you hear strange noises during start-up or operation
  • Your energy usage suddenly goes up without reason
  • Your air quality suddenly goes down without apparent reason
  • If you see a white mist around the unit
  • If your thermostat has gone blank, and changing the batteries (if applicable) did not solve the problem
  • If you notice ice forming around the copper lines or coils of either indoor or outdoor unit
  • If there is anything else that seems abnormal

Why should you have regular air conditioning maintenance done


Regular preventive maintenance will let you know if potential problems will arise shortly, but it will also ensure that your unit is working to its full potential now. Air conditioners have many different components that can affect how well it works, if you’re getting your correct efficiency rating, and if you are pulling the humidity out of the air as you are supposed to.

During our preventive maintenance inspection, we will check all of the components of your system, ensuring that each one of them is working correctly and at its rated capacity. We make sure that the refrigerant levels are where they should be in your specific unit and that all of your electrical systems are free of corrosion and appears to be in good repair.

Should you continue to repair your air conditioner


If your air conditioner has broken down, you will need to consider your options. If your unit is over ten years old, out of warranty, and giving you recurring problems, you may consider replacing your unit. However, if it is less than ten years old, it may still be under warranty and doesn’t give you too many problems, then you should call us to repair your air conditioner.

Even if you are debating if you should replace your air conditioner or not, you can have one of our expert service techs come out and give you an honest evaluation of your equipment and decide from there. If you choose to replace it, we will be happy to provide you with a bid on new equipment. We pride ourselves on our fantastic work at an affordable price.

Let a A/C Tune-Up Professionals Help You


If you’re looking for an Air Conditioning Tune-Up professional call us to hire a skilled technician can help provide quality service that will save time as well!

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