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When it comes to your water softeners, you want the best for every aspect.

You don’t want to deal with hard water stains in your home. Where it causes you to feel like your clothes are soft or feeling like you ever get your hair truly clean. If you are located in the Nampa, Idaho area, you need to contact Owyhee Heating and Air Conditioning today to have your water softener installed or serviced.

Water Softener

What does a water softener do?


A water softener will run your home water supply into a tank filled with water softener salt. This is a particular type of salt specifically designed for water softeners. This tank is called the brine tank. Once the water is in the brine tank, the salt will replace the calcium and magnesium ions in your water with sodium ions from the salt and then send it back into your home.

What are the signs that you need a water softener?


If you are suffering from hard water, you will more than likely know it. But there are many different ways to tell your home has a hard water issue.

  • There are water spots left on your cups and glasses after you wash them
  • If there is hard crusty stuff around the faucets and drains throughout your home
  • If your skin feels dry or irritated after taking a shower
  • Ice cubes from your icemaker being cloudy can also be a sign of hard water

What problems will hard water cause


Hard water is a much bigger problem than crusty build-up around your drain. The calcium and mineral deposits will attach themselves wherever they can. This will mean that your water lines will begin to fill up with deposits given enough time. This also means that your water heater will fill up with sediment. Whether you live in an area with hard water or not, you should flush your water heater at least once a year to prevent this build-up. If you have hard water, it is vital to flush your water heater at least once a year. Sediment build-up can cause your water heater to fail prematurely.

What are the benefits of having a water softener?


When you have a water softener installed, it helps detergents and soaps bond to the sodium ions you are adding to the water. Most soaps and detergents will not affect the calcium and magnesium ions which is why they are unable to clean and cause you and your clothes to feel dirty after being cleaned.

  • No more embarrassing stains in the showers or tubs
  • Household cleaning will be quicker and easier
  • There will be fewer spots left on your glasses
  • The water heater will have improved its efficiency
  • It may help you to use less soap
  • Extended life span of appliances that use water
  • And your skin will be smoother and softer

Should you have someone perform preventive maintenance


There will be maintenance items that you can do yourself and that you will even have to do yourself. This may include filling the brine tank with salt as needed, checking the salt levels at least once a month, and checking for proper operation.

But should you have a professional serviceman perform preventive maintenance on your water softener? Most definitely. Our highly trained service technicians will precisely know how to maintain your water softener, ensuring that you get plenty of more life. They will perform a full inspection of your water softener.

  • They will evaluate the wear and tear of your water softener
  • A brine study will ensure that you have a proper amount of salt ions in your outgoing water and that it pulls the calcium and magnesium ions out appropriately.
  • A solenoid replacement or rebuild should be considered during maintenance.
  • The pilot screens will need to be cleaned
  • Any components that can be lubricated will need to be adequately lubricated
  • A visual inspection of the entire water softener will need to be done to ensure that nothing is beginning to fail and that it is continuing to work as it should

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