Energy Saving Strategy For Your HVAC System

There are a number of benefits to having an energy-efficient HVAC system in your home. It can help improve the health of those who depend on it by providing a healthy indoor environment.

An energy-efficient HVAC system will also decrease utility costs. When energy-saving strategies are followed, an efficient operating HVAC system will also decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Air Filters Regularly Replaced

One of the most important strategies for providing an energy-efficient building is making certain the air filters are regularly replaced in your home. This will stop dirt and dust from building up over a period of time.

This also makes it possible for the system’s fans not to work so hard. Clean air filters will also create an indoor environment that is better for individuals who have respiratory issues.

The size of a structure will determine the changing frequency necessary to maintain clean air filters. Smaller structures may only need to have their air filters changed every three months. An industrial-sized facility may require it every seven days.

Upgrade Equipment

HVAC equipment is regularly improved. There is often no need to replace an entire system, but upgrading equipment can increase energy savings. It has been estimated that building owners can save as much as 20 percent on energy costs when they upgrade their HVAC equipment.

Many of the new equipment upgrades have features that will improve a system’s energy-efficiency rating. This could include an improved wiring system, a new controller, and more.

Regular Maintenance Plan

When an HVAC system is properly maintained, it will save a property owner money. It will also increase a system’s energy-saving abilities. Doing this extends the life of the system and decreases energy consumption.

It’s estimated a regular maintenance plan can save a property owner $300+ a year or more in energy costs. An HVAC professional will be able to recommend and help create an effective maintenance plan.

Energy Audit

It is beneficial for property owners to request a free or low-cost energy audit from their utility company. This often involves using high-tech equipment as well as the careful physical examination of the property by a trained inspector.

A property owner will usually be provided with a written report listing any areas of concern and advice about what next steps need to be taken. The findings of such a report need to be discussed with an HVAC professional.

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