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When it comes to your household air conditioner, if you make a point to take good care of it, it’s going to reward you with a long, healthy lifespan and an excellent cooling performance. One big part of caring for your A/C unit is responding proactively when it runs into a mechanical problem. The summers in the Meridian, ID area can get very toasty, and if you’re running your cooling system frequently, there’s a real chance that something will eventually go wrong. Regardless of the specifics of the problem, you can make things easier on yourself both in the short and long term by taking care of it immediately. The best way to do so is by giving Owyhee Heating & Air Conditioning a call and letting our cooling technicians do what they do best.

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Signs That Something’s Not Right With Your A/C Unit


Are you aware of the telltale signs that your air conditioner is having problems? To keep your cooling system in good shape, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms it displays when something is hampering its performance. If you continue to let your A/C unit run when there’s a mechanical issue under the surface, the problem may become worse, and in some cases, it may even lead to other parts of the appliance becoming damaged.

Depending on the specifics of what’s ailing your air conditioner, there are a wide variety of indicators you may notice. That said, there are a handful of red flags that are more common than others, and those are the ones you’ll want to always be on the lookout for. It’s especially important that you stay diligent during spring; that way, if the appliance does break down or begin to struggle, you can have our cooling team take care of the problem before the scorching summer weather arrives.

  • Weakened Airflow – If your air conditioner has suddenly lost its ability to consistently circulate air, it’s a clear sign that something’s not right. While it’s possible that the problem lies within your ductwork, air vents, or air filters, there’s also a very real chance that it’s a mechanical issue with the air conditioner itself. Replacing the filters is always a good troubleshooting option when this occurs, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you should have the appliance professionally inspected.
  • Worsened Energy Efficiency – When an air conditioner experiences a malfunction, it often makes it more difficult for the unit to do its job, which leads to more energy being consumed. If you see that your monthly cooling costs are rising and you’re unsure why, it’s a possibility that your A/C unit needs to be repaired or tuned up.
  • Leaking Water – For your air conditioner to dehumidify your home, it needs to pull moisture from the air, and that moisture needs to go somewhere. When everything’s working properly, the water will exit through the unit’s condensation drainage system and be on its way out of your home. However, if the line gets clogged, or the drainage pan breaks, or something else goes wrong with the drainage system, it can lead to the moisture overflowing or spilling out of the unit. It’s also possible for water to leak from the appliance if the evaporator coils get frozen due to the extra moisture that will be present when they thaw. Regardless of the cause, you’ll want to contact your local cooling professionals if you notice that your air conditioner is leaking.
  • Frequent Cycling – It’s entirely normal for your air conditioner to cycle a bit more often when the weather outside is hotter. However, if you observe that your cooling system is cycling constantly throughout the day, that’s your air conditioner telling you that something’s malfunctioning. It may just mean that the appliance needs professional maintenance, but it could also be a sign that something significant is wrong.
  • Blowing Warm Air – The last thing you need during the hot Idaho summer is for your air conditioner to start blowing warm air. However, this is a common issue that can occur, and when it happens, there are a few things it might mean. It could be something as simple and non-threatening as a problem with your thermostat’s setting, or it could be something like a malfunctioning compressor. Good troubleshooting options are to check your thermostat and replace your air filter, but if those simple fixes aren’t effective, you should let our skilled professionals investigate.
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When your air conditioner isn’t running the way it should be, hesitating to act will only cause you more hassle in the long run. Instead, you should give Owyhee Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We offer flexible scheduling, upfront pricing estimates, and compassionate, personalized services. Our team will do whatever’s necessary to get your home back to peak comfort and functionality. If you’d like to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, simply give our offices a call.

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